Named after where it started, tap salon on Rodney Street, Liverpool.

Our Roderzs… Everything began with Rodney... tap, drip and our family. A nice arse, new start and the most prestigious name in the city…. Rodney will forever hold a special place in our heart 💕 Espresso by name espresso by nature. If you need a pick me up, we recommend lighting your espresso coloured candle and just watch him melt away. You’ll thank us later.


Inspired by all the beautiful bodies, our candles have been created to celebrate self love, confidence and body diversity. Drip was made to celebrate the beauty of all bodies, whatever shape, size or colour. 


All our Drip candles are handmade with vegan soy wax and essential oils, so they smell as delicious as they look. With a comforting scent that will help you relax and feel right at home.


Candle Dimension: approx 10cm height x 4.5cm width

Please note: this candles liquefies when burnt, please use a non-flammable dish when burning to collect wax and avoid wax spilling onto your furniture. If this does occur wax should be easy to clean and wipe away as all candles are made from vegetable wax.


As all of our candles are handmade by staff, colours may slightly vary from photos due to candle dye use. Candles may have minor imperfections or ‘frosting’ on the surface, this does not affect the use of candles in any way. Candle frosting occurs because we use an all natural and vegan soy vegetable wax and as it changes temperature it crystallises, this is very natural and cannot be helped because of the properties of the wax. 




  • Keep away from objects that can catch fire

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or when asleep

  • Keep away from children and pets

  • Do not burn in a draught

  • Do not position candles on or near TV cabinets, electrical items or heat sources

Rodney Candle - Espresso



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