here at tap were not just a beauty salon, were also a fully qualified training academy under the beauty guilds 

meaning we can make all your beauty career dreams come true

we offer a range of lessons on many subjects

including makeup, hair, nails, skincare and lashes in many different forms of courses including 1-1's group practical  courses and masterclasses

Why train with us TAP? 


We are a fully accredited school with the Guilds of Beauty Therapists and the CPD board giving every student the opportunity to become fully qualified in Makeup, Skin care and Lashes as well as learning multiple other skills such as nail art and hair styling.


Our course costs are affordable so no need to pay for expensive courses to train in something you love, and many of our higher price courses also offer payment plans to cater everyones needs. 

All of our courses are taught to the highest standard making sure you get all the knowledge needed from your trainer and that you don’t leave until you feel confident in your own practice.  Our tutors lesson aftercare is forever, meaning if you ever need advice or are struggling, they will be on the other end of the phone to help you out. 


We have trained 100s of students in TAP, many of whom have gone on to make successful careers in the industry for themselves, we even have several of our talented previous students teaching alongside us in our salon. Finally we are based in a city centre salon with gorgeous, positive, chilled environment full of staff that will make you feel at ease from the moment you enter! So come train at tap to make all you beauty career dreams come true.

Lessons available


Always wanted to get into the makeup industry or always just wanted to know how to apply your own face for them last minute plans?

Not only do we teach lessons to those who just enjoy makeup as a hobby, we are also fully accredited school with the Beauty Guild Official giving every student the opportunity to become a fully qualified MUA!

Becoming a accredited mua has many benefits including, understanding skin biology and health, having much more professional knowledge as a qualified MUA, you will be able to apply for industry insurance and everyone’s favourite perk… being a fully qualified mua will allow you to apply for discount in major stores and independent businesses like; Mac, Urban Decay, Illamasqua and many more!

Our senior makeup artist Eve Lucia is a fully qualified makeup tutor and our head makeup trainer at tap.

Eve is a highly experienced and fully qualified makeup artist and tutor. She has a passion for makeup, and is known for exceptional student support during and after training.  Eve offers a range of makeup lessons and courses depending on what you want to achieve for both beginners and advanced learners. She teaches everything from learning your own face to a 5 day pro MUA course, providing you with the opportunity to become a fully qualified makeup artist. She also does group courses and master classes throughout the year, but please see our Bubbling Up page for more information on upcoming events. 


Eve is just the teacher you need to help you gain knowledge, skills and build your career in the ever expanding industry that is beauty and makeup.  We ensure that we cater each course to what you want to learn and teach you a vast amount of different skills and styles of makeup so that you go home feeling confident that you will be able to accomplish anything your client asks. However we also promise these looks will be up to date and current. 

Eve’s lesson aftercare is forever meaning if you ever need advice or are struggling, we’ll be on the other end to help you out. We also always offer a 10%  off to any existing student for future lessons booked (just incase you need a little recap)


For more information on any of Eve’s courses or to ask any questions, contact her on: 07534370290 


Tap has also teamed up with the amazing Prescription Cosmetics to bring you online makeup tutorials, in which you can learn all the tips and tricks of professional industry artists from the comfort of your own home. Head over to the prescription cosmetics website to learn all the tips and tricks from our artists @eve_lucia_mua, @lauren.emily.makeup, @hds.makeup and more to come, and see some of our favourite products in action! Go to the tutorials page on their website to rent your video and keep it for a full 3 days, so you can practice, practice, practice to make sure you're perfect.  Head over to www.prescription-cosmetics.com/tutorials to rent your video today and get creating, heres a little sneaky preview of the first look from @eve_lucia_mua X @prescription_cosmetics 


Tap also provides training for those interested in skincare and facials ensuring you can give your clients a relaxing and enjoyable treatment designed to improve and rejuvenate their skin.  Ashley from Doll Skin Clinic is a full qualified tutor who will prepare and support you for your next step in skincare, teaching  you everything you need to know about offering a professional facial, including practical training sessions and assessments where you will have the opportunity to carry out a full facial treatment on a model.

Her most popular course, Become a Skin Specialist brings you the ultimate skincare training course, teaching you the most popular treatments currently available. The skin specialist course is ideal for beginners who are looking to start a career in the beauty industry and offer the most popular and effective treatments to their clients. This is a one day course with 1:1 training by a skin therapist and You will receive three qualifications and certificates with this course: Facial Training, Microneedling and BB Glow MTS.  You will also receive a starter kit worth £700 ensuring you have everything you need to start your new skincare career.

To find out more about skin training available visit the Doll Skin website or contact Ashley at @doll_skin_clinic on instagram

Semi-permanent eyelashes

You can also become a fully qualified lash technician here at Tap. Taught by working beauty professionals, learn how to create the perfect wispy lash look, perfect those fans and learn the vital correct placement for those individual lashes. Do you want to become a lash artists and start a new career in beauty? This course is your perfect kick start to that new career, it covers everything you need to know to become a successful lash technician and is fully qualified with the beauty guilds ensuring you can start that new career as soon as possible. This beauty guilds course covers the technique for eyelash extension application for both individual and flare lashes, removal and maintenance. Not only will you leave with a vast amount of new knowledge, Rose most popular courses also include a starter kit with carry case worth £175, containing everything you’ll need to start your own business using the best products around.  For more information about lash courses and for booking enquiries please contact rose at @_glamourd_ on instagram.

Nail Art Lessons 

Do you want to learn on trend nail art techniques? 

Nail art 1-1’s are perfect if you are a newly qualified nail technician wanting to learn how to do some of the most popular styles out now or if you've been a nail pro for years but want to branch out into learning new nail art tips and tricks so that you can offer more designs for your existing clientele.  Don’t miss out on the biggest trend right now in nails and make sure you can perfect any design that comes your way. 

At tap there is a range of 1-1 nail art lessons available from both our amazingly talented nail techs Eleanor and Dawn whether you want to just freshen up and do a couple hours practical or if you want to perfect those nail art skills and make sure you have those designs down in a full day nail art class.  Have a browse through their instagrams and drop them a little message at @nailsby_eleanor and @dawndoesnails for all booking information.

HAIR styling Lessons

Hair styling is getting more and more popular each year, with bigger accessories, longer hair and more events that require a statement style. 


Whether your a confident hairdresser but your hair ups could do with a touch up, or your just that friend who does everyone’s hair before a night out and would like more knowledge from an industry professional, we have just the talented staff on hand to show you how to perfect anything from a creative up-do to a curly blow and applying a pony piece. 


All of our hairdressers Lucy and Amy have their own specialist expertise in hair, so head over to their Instagrams to pick who you’d like to be your trainer. 

Need any help on finding a new career for you?


Don't hesitate to contact us at tap or send us an email at tapliverpool@gmail.com


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